Driver Education Announcement
The next test out date is Wednesday, May 3, 2017.

Students must bring the site address, their ID and Password and a charged tablet.

Any student who is planning on taking this driver education test should email Mr. Smith that they plan to do so.

Dates for the in-class summer driver education and places, and times are listed below:
Monday, June 12th 8-12, beginning in the GCHS cafeteria and then to the GCHS music bldg. for the rest of the day and every day thereafter. Tuesday, June 13th 8-12 music bldg. as well as the dates as follows. Wednesday, June 14th 8-12, Thursday, June 15th 12-4 pm as well as Friday, June 16th 12-4 pm and Monday, June 19th, 12-4 pm.
Students are required to bring pen, pencil and notebook and paper . Students must attend all sessions and be on time.

Passing is an overall average of 70.

"Click HERE for Drivers Education Practice Tests"

"Click HERE for Practice Driving Tests"

Contact Mr. Smith with questions.