Jessica Butts

Welcome to English with Mrs. Butts! 
RM 41

Period Class
1 Honors English 10
2 Planning
3 Intro. to AP Language and Composition 
4 Honors English 10

Accessing Course Materials and Handouts (Google Drive):

Students can access important materials through the Google Drive. Students are expected to consult the Drive folder for their class on a regular basis. Students and parents can access the folder and course materials below by clicking THIS LINK and finding the appropriate class.

In the first week, students will set up their own folder in their class, which is where they will turn in required work that is digital. This folder is required, and is crucial to each student's success in this class.  Each student is expected to know how to upload files into and create documents in this folder by the end of their first week in their respective class. 

My Contact Information:

Phone: 252-747-3814 Ext. # 241

I use REMIND! Both parents and students are encouraged to sign up via text, email, or through the app. 

 Period Class Code 
1  mrsb1stpd
3  buttsapeng
4  mrsb4thpd

Looking for a new book to read? 

Check out my book blog to see what I am currently reading, or to look at reviews for books I and your classmates have read in the past.

*Special Note: Mrs. B on Maternity Leave 

I am expecting my first child on December 22nd, and will be out on Maternity Leave starting in January. I will not return again until February 21st, 2017. Therefore, all course material and core instruction are planned to be completed before Christmas break. The remaining weeks, once you return from break, will be devoted to EOC review and a mini-unit to further enforce the skills you have learned throughout the semester. AP students will have a pre-determined, self-guided unit on a novel. 

While I will not be available for contact during my leave, you are welcome to contact Mrs.Garcia (, or Ms. Sanchez ( if you need any assistance or additional support.